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Home > Sailing > Race Series and Events > One/two-day Racing Events/Trophies
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Home > Sailing > Race Series and Events > One/two-day Racing Events/Trophies

One/two-day Racing Events/Trophies

The Club offers a range of one or two-day racing events throughout the sailing season. These events are open to all members and cater for all classes of dinghy and experience of sailor. Some events offer a separate class/trophy for junior/youth sailors, others encourage juniors/youths to join in with the rest of the membership.

The following events are regular features of the sailing season. Please check the Club events Calendar to ensure you know whats coming up and with the Race Officer on the day to make sure you understand the format of the day.

Open Events

During the season the club occasionally runs class-specific Open Meetings/events, usually on a Saturday. In the recent past the club has hosted open meetings for: Enterprise; Mirror; National 12; Streaker; Solo; Topper; Optimist and RS Tera dinghies. Such events, which may be shared by more than one class, are open to members and non-members alike and may form part of a regional series for the specific class/dinghy. Members who regularly sail a class of dinghy for which the club is hosting an open event will be strongly encouraged by their Ripon SC Class Contact to support the event by sailing in the event. Racing usually takes the form of three fleet races, with your best two results to count. Prizes for open events are presented at the end of the day's racing.

Please note that all sailors (members and non-members) pay an open event entry fee which pays for the prizes and normally visiting sailors must be a member of the relevant class association (to enter the relevant regional series), this requirement is usually not required for home-club sailors; please check the relevant class/eligibility rules and Notice of Race for the event. All sailors are encouraged to be members of the Class Association for their dinghy, ensuring they are aware of what's going on in the class and opportunities to compete away from the Ripon.

Methuselah Trophy and In-betweeners Trophy Event

This one-day event is open to all members. Those over the age of 45 years, on the day of the event, will compete for the Methuselah Trophy. Racing is in one handicap fleet, divided into two catagories of Methuselah (45 - 59 years) and Grand Master (60+ years), the trophy going to the overall winner of the day. Racing will normally involve three handicap races, with your best two results to count. The first race will start at 11.00hrs, followed by lunch and two further races in the afternoon.

For those not eligible to race in the Methuselah, the In-betweeners' Trophy offers an opportunity for youngsters (over 18 and under 45 years), to compete in three handicap races with a separate start, three minutes after the Methuselah start. Those under 18 years can sail in the In-betweeners' Fleet, be given a result, but not compete for the trophy. The trophies for this event, and a record of recent winners, can be viewed in the Trophy Cabinet on the Club's website. Trophy for this one-day event include: Methuselah Shield, Methuselah Plate, Methuselah Crew Plate. and In-betweener's Trophy. You are required to be logged in to view the Trophy Cabinet.

If you would like more information about Methuselah, try here.

The Commodore's Weekend

The Commodore traditionally hosts a weekend of racing and social events during the summer, please see the events Calendar for further information. Racing is for the Commodore's Trophy and Commodore's Junior Trophy. The format of the weekend is usually the organisation of five races for each trophy group, with your four best results to count for the trophy. The first race each day starts at 11.00hrs. On Saturday the first race will be for the main fleet, followed promptly by the first junior fleet race - while the others have lunch. Racing continues with the fleets alternating starts. The weekend includes the opportunity to camp on-site and a range of social events for members, whether sailing or not. Please see the Club website for further details of the plans for the weekend.

Fleet Trophies Event

The Fleet Trophies event is held on a Sunday during the summer, offering an opportunity for the most popular classes of dinghy to race against each other over three races, with your best two results to count. towards a trophy. Trophies are available in the following classes (to be sailed for subject to at least three dinghies starting the first race): Streaker (Derek Moss Trophy); RS Tera (Derek Moss Junior Trophy); Enterprise (Cowie Trophy); Laser (Crown Cup); Mirror (Mirror Rosebowl); RS200 (RS200 Trophy); Solo (Solo Trophy); Topper (Top Hat Trophy). To ensure that everybody gets a chance to sail at this event, there is also an All-comers fleet, open to any dinghy not included in the fleet list, to compete for the Wakeman Shield. The Race Officer will brief competitors on the format of racing for the day.

Youth and Junior Trophy Day

The Youth and Junior trophy day is held on a Saturday at the end of the summer, giving an opportunity for those that have learnt to sail or improve during the year to test their skills against each other and compete for the Towers Cup. Competitors can compete in any appropriate dinghy, sailing three handicap races over the day, with your two best results to count towards the trophy.

The Marabu Trophy Event

The Marabu Trophy is held on a Sunday and is open to all dinghy classes and ages. Racing takes the form of three x 60-minute pursuit races with your best two results to count. The principle of Pursuit racing is that the slowest dinghy (as determined by their Portsmouth Yardstick (PY)) starts first, followed at intervals by all other dinghies, depending on their PY; against a formula which should ensure that after 60-minutes, if all dinghies were sailed equally well, they would cross the finish line at the same time. This type of racing is ideal for newcomers to racing as it reduces the number of dinghies on the start line at any one time.

The Champion of Champions and Others Fleet Trophies Event

The Champion of Champions event is usually held at the end of the main season of racing, after completion of the Autumn Series. Racing is open any sailor who has achieved a 1st or 2nd place in any Club Series or event held during that year's sailing season. A list of those eligible to compete, and the class of dinghy they qualified in, will be published on the Club website prior to the event. Competitors will compete for the Champion of Champions Trophy and the Champion of Champions Junior Trophy. Any member who is not eligible to sail for the Champions Trophy can sail in the Others fleet, for the Others Trophy. Racing for both Champions and Others fleets will take the form of three handicap races with your best two results to count.

Last updated 20:02 on 16 May 2022

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